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Support the Northern Tiquipaya Wildlife Reserve

Poncho Joe

Supporting the NTWR is easy, it can be the trip of a lifetime. Signing up for a trip to the Northern Tiquipaya Wildlife Reserve (NTWR) with Yunga Perdida is a great way to support local communities and the reserve  itself. It’s also a fantastic way to learn hands on about one of the world’s most bio-diverse areas. We are currently planning our 2013 trip to the reserve with dates scheduled for September. For more information please visit our facebook page or write us at yungaperdida@gmail.com.

Of course you don’t have to visit the NTWR to offer support. Donations help ensure the on-going function of the reserve and the continued protection of the iconic species like Andean condors and jaguars that make it their home. Despite it’s official status on paper, the reserve is still vulnerable to many threats, including illegal logging, mining, and road encroachment. Donating to Yunga Perdida is a positive way to help combat these problems.

Solar-Powering Yunga Pampa Eco-Lodge

Yunga Pampa lodge may not be on the grid but it still depends on a gas powered generator to supply electricity. Plans to power the lodge with solar panels make sense since the dry months when tourists typically visit are also the sunniest of the year. However, these plans have met with financial setbacks and the panels meant for Yunga Pampa are now in storage in the nearby community of Huari Pucara, awaiting the funds necessary for transportation and installation. We are currently collecting donations to cover these costs and make Yunga Pampa lodge gas-free. For more information please contact us at yungaperdida@gmail.com.

Donating to Yunga Perdida

By donating to Yunga Perdida, you can be sure that your contribution counts. Because we work voluntarily, all donations go support critical projects that help ensure the reserve's long-term viability. 

 Donations are NOT tax deductible.